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Do either of these videos offend you?

Cheerios Mixed Family Ad

Some people say this commercial is offensive because it shoves the multicultural agenda down our throats. Well, if that’s true then I’ve been deep throating the non-mixed agenda my whole life.  Our president is mixed. In fact one out of 7 new marriages in the U.S. is mixed. This figure is only growing. It’s not an agenda, it’s smart marketing.  Mixed people are the future.

Estrella Damn

What I love about this ad isn’t just the sheer Spanish debauchery, it’s that the controversy is about how to “correctly” prepare paella.  Apparently, it’s not a true paella if you add onion.  Inflexible much?   While I agree, the ad doesn’t portray a “traditional” paella, it hardly warrants responses like, “an attack on paella,” or “how would you like it if I pissed in your bottle of Estrella and called it beer?”  I’m an uppity foodie but even I think this is taking things a bit far.

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