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True Love As Per TV Sitcoms

HIMYM, or as one of my friend’s described it-a cheap version of Friends, ended this week with a surprise twist many of us saw coming.  The mom dies thereby allowing Ted and Robin end up together.  Sorry, but if you haven’t watched it yet, then maybe you shouldn’t be on the Internet.

For the most part, people were upset, but to be fair, we’ve watched enough sitcoms to know by now how they end.  The couple that started it all ends it all, together.  Producers didn’t have much of a choice either.  After almost a decade of watching these two characters fall in and out of love, we’ve been indoctrinated that no matter how many obstacles stand in their way-engagements, best friends, infertility-they will always end up back together because that is true love, at least by television’s standards.

In the world of make believe, these on and off again relationships serve a purpose- to fuel the story line.  If two healthy people found each other and a way to make it work from the beginning there’d be nothing to watch.  In the real world, Ted would have stayed married to the mom. He and Robin would have lost touch, meaning that even if the mom had died, he’d probably start online dating.

Until last week, I would have told you that watching these bipolar relationships is detrimental to society since they teach children that true love should be unbalanced and impossible. True love can overcome anything. It’s a sweet thought, but it isn’t realistic.

I guess that’s where the producers and audience had a disconnect.  For once, they wanted something real or at least plausible.  If anything, this was the real twist in the HIMYM finale, the fact that the audience wasn’t willing to buy what producers were selling. Guess the twists on you T.V. We’re bored of your cookie-cutter endings. Show us something different.

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Before I get my weekly wishes on, check it out, ME on a shelf, next to Dan Brown! Sorry, had to. It’s only available in the fnac store where I live, but still kinda cool. Okay enough nerding out. #humblebrag

Now, to ze wishes.

How’d last week go? Well, I sent my niece and nephew gifts, but just barely, as in I just sent them before I wrote this. Only a month late, so not bad.  I emailed my family and even got some Skype time in, which was nice since my dad just got some eye surgery.

In other news, I think I’ve discovered the secret to being in the moment, red wine. Well, it’s either that or just having a lot of fun.  It was so nice having my friend in town, I had so much fun I honestly felt like I was the one on vacation.  My cheeks still hurt from laughing.  If only being in the moment and enjoying life were always this easy.

Unfortunately, I did not give as much blog love as I would have liked, you guys are all so deserving; nor did I get my MR a video game.

This week I’d like to

  1.  Feed my brain. I need to read more. It’s just that simple. I’m in the middle of two books right now-NW by Zadie Smith and El Palacio de la Medianoche by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I’ve been reading them off and on for months now and I figure it’s about time I finish them.
  2. Puke my thoughts onto paper, aka do some journaling.  It helps me stay present since it forces me to purge my thoughts there and then. It’s also really good for my sanity.
  3. Take a trip back to third grade and send some hand-written notes to my friends back home.  I sent one to a friend last month, and he suggested we become pen-pals, which I eagerly agreed to.  I’m a nerd for letters.  Remember when we used to have a million cool ways of folding them? Gel pens? Well, I’m going to write some more letters in hopes of making even more pen pals!

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Generation Y: We Are Young Not Stupid

This is to anyone who’s ever said, “Maybe you’ll feel differently in a few years.”

-You condescending prick.

Youth via Pinterest

Youth via Pinterest

One of the questions I often get is, “What made you want to write a book.”  While it seems like a perfectly reasonable question, what they’re really saying is, aren’t you a bit young to write a book about your life?  Some of them don’t even bother disguising the incredulity in their voice.  Yes, I’m a young no-name writer. No, I’m not going to regret publishing a book about my life at 27.

Being young is not a disadvantage.  Nor is it any indication of intelligence, emotional, social, or otherwise.  People may discriminate based on age but life and hardship do not.  When will people learn? Wisdom is measured by experience, not years.

More importantly, writing about one’s own life isn’t novel or characteristic of my generation.  Perhaps what is unique is our unprecedented access to avenues of self-expression.  Has this shaped how we see and understand the world? Certainly. How could it not? However, just because we have more opportunity doesn’t necessarily mean we are more self-absorbed.

“Every generation thinks they are witnessing the end of humanity.” – Before Midnight

We aren’t the only one’s talking about us. According to the media we, and all of our blogs and selfies, are the apocalypse.  Yeah, get over yourself.  I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but thinking my generation is the bane of humanity is just as narcissistic as it is narrow-minded.  We didn’t get to this point in society single-handedly.   We had some help, yours, which means your generation isn’t so golden either.  Our battles and our flaws may be different from yours but that doesn’t make us any better or worse than you.

Documenting all of our mistakes isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.  Our scars, our fumbles, they are proof of our existence, proof that we have lived and lived gloriously.  Why rob us of the ability to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learned, and the people we’ve become? The question isn’t whether we’ll do something stupid but whether we’ll learn from it.

Changing our minds latter down the line does not mean we were naïve. It’s growing.  Quite honestly, I hope I never stop.  It takes courage and strength to change.   I’d much rather alter my views and admit I was wrong or misinformed, than continue pushing an agenda I know to be flawed just for the sake of pride.

Shove this post in my face in 20 years and I assure you, I won’t be ashamed at all.

I’m young, not stupid.

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Funnies via Pinterest

Funnies via Pinterest