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I know I’m supposed to fear the end, at least by society’s standards, and yet there are moments when I can’t help but appreciate that nothing is forever.  For knowing this forces me to embrace what’s in front of me, a horizon gently kissing the rooftops of Coruña.  It is but a moment, but in it, I am completely fulfilled.  Not before long it’ll be gone, and so will I.  And for once, this simple truth is a sweet comfort.  After all, today’s ending brings tomorrow’s beginnings.


outdoor market in Lisbon

outdoor market in Lisbon

Waiting for the person who you like to call, is much like waiting for water to boil.  The more you stare the less it happens.  And yet, I don’t recall ever feeling this much excitement while heating a kettle.  To be fair, it’s nothing new.  I’ve been in this very same situation many times before, watching, waiting, and anticipating.  Yet for some reason, this simple mundane act suddenly feels new again.  Although I try to remind myself to be patient and enjoy the moment, there are times when I can’t help but over think things, forgetting of course, that this is just water.  It’s clear and simple.  So I tell myself, give it time.  This too, is just a process.  Things happen when they are meant to.  And then, he calls just as the water starts to simmer.

Cinderella’s Foghorn

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

A while back I teamed up with the uh-mazing Jen Glantz to write about our WORST EVER first dates.  In response a reader, let’s call him Bobby, emailed me this, a story after my own heart as it involves two of my favorite things, love and farting.

“I had a huge crush on my co-worker Melissa, but I was too shy to ask her out. I used to make up silly reasons to go to her office and flirt with her. One day when we were chatting, she bent over to get something out of a file cabinet and she farted. Not a dainty little squeak, either; it sounded like she had a foghorn in her rear end. There was an awkward silence, and then I said, “If you wanted me to step back, you could have just said something.” We laughed, and later that week I asked her for a date. We have been going out for six months and are very much in love!”

Bobby, I hope you and Melissa are still farting in love!

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