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Cinderella’s Foghorn

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

A while back I teamed up with the uh-mazing Jen Glantz to write about our WORST EVER first dates.  In response a reader, let’s call him Bobby, emailed me this, a story after my own heart as it involves two of my favorite things, love and farting.

“I had a huge crush on my co-worker Melissa, but I was too shy to ask her out. I used to make up silly reasons to go to her office and flirt with her. One day when we were chatting, she bent over to get something out of a file cabinet and she farted. Not a dainty little squeak, either; it sounded like she had a foghorn in her rear end. There was an awkward silence, and then I said, “If you wanted me to step back, you could have just said something.” We laughed, and later that week I asked her for a date. We have been going out for six months and are very much in love!”

Bobby, I hope you and Melissa are still farting in love!

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Weekly Wishes


Hey all you wonderful monday bloggers. So lovely to see you all after such a long absence. Between my new job and trying to get rid of this nasty infection from my bastard wisdom teeth, I’ve hardly had time to think let alone write.  And so, I made a conscious decision to take a break from blogging. For the first time, I didn’t worry about posting, my twitter account, networking.  Funny enough, taking a step back actually made it easier to be present.  Who’d have thought writing, my outlet, my sanity, could also be a source of stress and distraction, but it has.  I was putting so much pressure on myself to stay disciplined and accountable to my readers that I took all the joy out of writing.  As much as I value my readers, I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing and I’m certain my readers wouldn’t want to read it either. With that in mind, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.

My goal this month is to get back to a BALANCED schedule. Specifically, I want to see my friends at least once a week, get to the gym at least three times, and blog, whenever I feel like it.  No pressure, no forced posts, just me, spilled onto your computer screen whenever ms. muse decides. Happy Monday everyone!


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weekly wishes

wwrocksYesterday I tried to post this, groggy from sleep deprivation and with an ice-pack crutched to my face, since I had the last of my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday.  Yet for some reason, my images wouldn’t upload. Then upon pressing Publish, I received an error alert only to discover nothing had been saved.  So here I am, a day late and a tooth short.

Last week’s goals were a wash.  I didn’t complete any. I did however, get a tooth removed, see a friend, Skype with my family, start a new job-kinda, bake my new co-workers muffins, AND plan a mini-staycation. So they weren’t wishes. I still feel like I had a productive week, which is basically what weekly wishes is all about so I’m chalking it up as a win.

This week, on the account of being on antibiotics because the gaping hole in my mouth had the nerve to get infected, I’m keeping my wishes short and sweet. I need to pick up my new gym membership card and REST!  Now that I’m on antibiotics and pain-killers I imagine the latter won’t be so difficult.

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