About the Mess

First is the Worst, Second is the Best

f46c2Ali Berlinski was born Alison Victoria Berlinski on December 26th , in the same birthplace of many great artists before her, Jersey.  At 8 Alison started writing with the encouragement of her teacher Mrs. Spingarn, who heralded Alison as the second best writer in class.

One year later Alison moved to California where she completed junior high and high school, graduating at the top, but not very top of her class.  For university Alison returned East, attending an almost ivy league college, New York University.  There she studied Sociology, and graduated Cum Laude, proving her ability to once again miss the mark, Summa Cum Laude (highest honors). Who exactly is Ali Berlinski? Quite simply, she is the number two,

the shit.

Her lifetime achievements include:

  1. Becoming 5th grade class president, by endorsing her campaign on the backs of pogs.
  2. Being the youngest Asian kid in Calculus class.
  3. Walking to the former end world, uphill, and with a sprained ankle (Cape Finisterre, Spain)

*CV available upon request.

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